• Leah Kurzepa


Hi folks,

I'm migrating my blog over from my old website at the moment, so posts will slowly but surely be arriving here as soon as I've updated them.

Information and my own skills have advanced a great deal from where I was when I wrote them, so they're getting a complete overhaul and should be much more useful too!

Soon to come are:

Pattern Scaling Up TUTORIAL

HOW TO Make a Plaster Head by Life Casting

Fibreglass Resin or Jesmonite? MATERIAL REVIEW

Poisandra from Power Rangers COSPLAY WALKTHROUGH

Make a Rose Punchgrip Shield for LARP WALKTHROUGH

Stag-Skull hammer for LARP WALKTHROUGH

Gorilla Costume Suit WALKTHROUGH

Latex Mask Making TUTORIAL

If you'd like to know when these other posts become available, consider subscribing for a Wix account which allows us to chat as well as gives you email updates. If that doesn't suit, I can be followed on Facebook or Instagram.



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